Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

Posted on 22.april. 2017

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It’s important in photography to find your subject that you love shooting and not only become a good photographer, but also find that creative approach that helps your work stand out among the rest. For some, the eye for composition, technical skills, or overall approach comes a lot more naturally than others. But one thing is for sure, a photographer can always work harder and that doesn’t take any special talents.

“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.”

“Images of people, cities, and landscapes from the air tell a unique story about our personal space and how we relate to one another. I’ve always aimed to address the bigger picture and later trends. In many ways, what a photographer does is give others a chance to step back and look at their world and gain perspective on where we stand, and what that means.”

“I think all art is about control – the encounter between control and the uncontrollable.”

“Photograph the world as it is. Nothing’s more interesting than reality.”

“You know, I really don’t think you learn from teachers. You learn from work. I think what you learn, really, is how to be- you have to be your own toughest critic, and you only learn that from work, from seeing work.”

 Photographer : monaaakhaan🙏😍


Author: MonaKhaan

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